Changes to staffing in the rooms

Debbie and Ces have put a lot of thought into the current staff changes and our priority is to provide the children with continuity of care and consistency.

The following changes have been made in regard to staff allocation in each room:


Linda. S (Mon-Fri)
Ces (Mon-Wed)
Anna (Mon-Tues)
Neda (Wed-Fri)
Simone (Thurs-Fri)
Tina (Mon-Fri) floater


Christine (Mon/Tue/Wed and Fri)
Katie (Mon-Fri)
Kristy (Mon-Fri)
Angelique (Thurs)
Kylie (Mon-Fri) floater


Linda. L (Mon-Fri)
Julia (Mon-Fri)
Susan (Mon-Thurs)
Rhonda (Tues-Fri)
Angelique (Mon and Fri)
Michelle (Mon-Tues) floater
Claire (Wed-Fri) floater

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