Meet the committee #1


The first in a series of posts introducing you to the volunteer members of the management committee.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Martin Ford.

I live in Annandale just near the light rail with my two kids April and Hartley and my wife Juanita. During the week I’m a strategist at a design agency called Boccalatte.

I have fun re-living my Fine-Art-degree-past, painting or drawing with the kids and enjoy sharing the photos I’ve taken of family and friends.

In the occasional small gaps between all this I try to grab some “me time” doing some yoga, riding my bike or running down by the water in Bicentenial Park.

What’s your role?

I took on the role of president of the management committee in January this year.

What does that involve?

I run the committee meetings and work with the committee, directors and educators to maintain and improve the centre.

Why did you nominate for the role?

I enjoyed working with the committee last year and was inspired by the energy and efforts of the other volunteer committee members.

What is the biggest opportunity for the centre to improve?

I think the key to a community based organisation like Styles Street is to get as many people involved as possible.

There are loads of ways of chipping in — supporting the staff on library trips, donating prizes for fundraising events, or helping out at a working bee at the centre. All of these things improve the opportunities for the kids and the environment in which they learn.

I hope, as a committee, we can find a way to help everyone feel like they’ve made a difference at Styles Street.

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