Featherdale Fun!

Thanks to everyone who came along to Featherdale last Friday.

After a very exciting bus trip (“Look! Another crane!”) we rolled into Featherdale carpark and went into the picnic area for morning tea.

Fuelled up and ready to go, the kids had a wonderful time running around feeding wallabies, meeting goats and getting introduced to turtles.

Trips like this are such an amazing opportunity for the kids to get up close to animals, see how they move, what they eat and how they sound! Sometimes they meet animals for the first time: “Hey Hartley, can you say E-CHID-NA?” “No! Because it’s a hedgehog!”

featherdale_IMG_4984 featherdale_IMG_4986 featherdale_IMG_4989 featherdale_IMG_4999 featherdale_IMG_5003 featherdale_IMG_5007 featherdale_IMG_5012 featherdale_IMG_5016  featherdale_IMG_5030 featherdale_IMG_5052 featherdale_IMG_5057 featherdale_IMG_5054  featherdale_IMG_5061

Thanks to Jason for cooking up a welcome feast at lunchtime — gotta love that Branston pickle on the sausage sandwich!

The staff did an amazing job as always organising the day then herding our own little kangas kookas and wombats — the whole trip went off without a hitch and a good time had by all.



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