Meet the committee: Olivia Reynolds

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a full time working mum of two boys, Finn and Will which is challenging at times! I am a Research Scientist with a current team of eleven staff, postgrads and postdoctoral fellows working on a range of projects. My job requires a great deal of travel both domestically and internationally which requires a great deal of planning and flexibility on my families behalf.

What’s your role on the committee?

I am on the Policy committee.

What does that involve?

Reviewing policies and liaising with other committee members. Admittedly my schedule these past months has meant my involvement has been less than I would like.

Why did you nominate for the role?

To have a greater involvement and understanding of the centre and my sons well being.

What is the biggest opportunity for the centre to improve?

The centre does a lot of great things, but moving to more efficient and effective (including cost) processes would streamline this. Simple things like emailing each rooms daily diary at the end of the day to parents and guardians would be a great start and negate the need for costs such as computers/smart pads to display this.

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