Big Steps Campaign

big steps

As educators in the early childhood profession we are always campaigning for professional pay and acknowledgement. This campaign is about asking the government to subsidise the wage increase so that it is not passed onto parents. As part of advocating for this we are asking parents for their support and encouraging you to click on the links below to get involved.

Our campaign for professional pay

Everyone knows that a child’s mind is just as valuable at the age of three as it is at the age of six. It’s why every stage of a child’s education is invaluable – whether they are learning to count or solving a year six maths question.

Yet as early childhood educators we are paid a third less than those teaching and caring for children just a few years older.

A responsible government that values every child would value every educator.

It is time for our wages to reflect the essential role we have in shaping the futures of Australian children.

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