Children’s Week 19th-23rd October

children's week

We will be celebrating Children’s Week a little earlier this year as we have orientation visits for new families and children commencing 26th October. Following is what we have planned for the children, our aim is to provide them with experiences that will have them engaged, enthusiastic and enthralled!

MONDAY: Kindifarm (Kindifarm has piglets, calves, lambs and kids, sheep, goats, baby chickens and ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs. They will provide a fun, hands on educational session that encourages learning. Learning is fun when it’s alive!)

TUESDAY: Jumping castle

WEDNESDAY: Jumping Castle

THURSDAY: Jumping Castle

FRIDAY: Bob Turner Wildlife Presentation (Each presentation contains an educational and entertaining show using a selection of various animals . For example, non-venomous snakes, lizards, frogs, toads and spiders)

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