Meet the Committee: Emma Durkin

Emma Durkin

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m a mum of almost-3 yr old twins, Nell and Gabriel, currently creating havoc in the Wombats room. When I’m not playing mummy, I’m lucky enough to work for Oxfam Australia, managing the Sydney office and providing strategic advice and support to staff who wish to engage volunteers & interns. I am inspired everyday by the organisation I work for, my colleagues and our volunteers. I hope that the twins grow up knowing everyday how lucky they are to have been born in a country free from war, oppression and with enough food to fill their little tummies every night.
What’s your role on the committee?
What does that involve?
The role involves taking the minutes at our monthly Committee meetings, distributing the minutes to the rest of the Committee and coordinating the agenda for the following month’s meeting.
Why did you nominate for the role?
A friend of mine, Virginia Birch, was exiting the role as her daughter Matilda graduated from Styles Street last year. I was keen to get involved in the Committee and, as an experienced Administrator, thought the role would fit me perfectly.
What is the biggest opportunity for the centre to improve?
Good question! It’s a great centre. Nell and Gabriel are so happy here, and as far as the education and guidance provided by the Educators is concerned, I personally think there is little room for improvement. At last month’s Committee meeting there were lots of exciting ideas put forward around some structural changes to the building which would create an innovative learning space in line with leading International centres. Watch this space!

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