Meet the Educators #1


This photo was taken a few years ago after Tony completed his Tour De Cure bike ride (from Brisbane to Cairns).   We took a mini holiday to the Great Barrier Reef.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am married to the lovely Tony and we have two divine boys (Cooper 13 and Zac 19).  Leichhardt has been our home for the past 20 years and we love the sense of community that it brings.  In 2011 I completed my bachelor of teaching  and  graduated with a bachelor of education (Early Childhood) in 2013.  So as you can see I have been busy juggling study, work, family and the odd leisure time too.  The things that make me happy include spending time with family and friends, travelling (most recent overseas trips  were to Vietnam and India) sailing on our boat, camping when the sun is shining and going to the movies.

How long have you worked at the centre?

I have worked at Styles Street for 9 years but my relationship goes back even further.  Both my boys attended Styles Street, so working with such fabulous staff is like another  family.  Prior to Styles Street I  spent 10 years working in the Corporate world.

Which room/s do you work in at the moment?

The clever Wombats! 

Tell us about your all time funniest/favourite moment or activity at the centre?

Just recently I had to intervene in an unusual activity.  Whilst standing in the Kookaburras room I noticed something from the corner of my eye unfolding in the bathroom.  Here 3 creative Kookaburra children used wet toilet paper and cleverly used the ceiling as their target.

The children were delighted to watch the cause and effect of toilet paper sticking then dropping off the ceiling , they were truly captivated with this – though a fascinating experiment,  not quite the behaviour we wish to encourage.  So we had a little chat and whilst we all agreed it was great fun best not done in the centre  (or at home – check those ceilings).

 What is the biggest opportunity for the centre to improve?

At the  moment the centre is focusing on reinventing the outdoor learning spaces. I am looking forward to the side playground and its’ transformation.

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