Styles Street gets a makeover

Over one amazingly productive weekend the Styles Street community invested a heap of time and energy to fully repaint the centre creating a brighter, lighter learning environment for the kids and educators.

Coordinated by building & maintenance team leaders Greg and Gavin, up to 30 volunteer parents (and grandparents!) worked until late Friday night, and the from 8am until well into the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday to prep, paint, clean up and reset the rooms ready for Monday morning.

A massive thank you to the community members who gave up their time.
And big thanks too, to the partners who were no doubt working hard looking after the little ones while the painting was completed.

Thank you to Debbie for two trips to Bunnings and thank you to the staff for clearing stuff away on Friday before the taping team arrived!

We estimate that our efforts have saved the centre over $12,000 and we have proved again how much we can achieve together.

There will be lots more to celebrate before the end of the year and lots of opportunities to get involved in 2016.
We hope all of the projects can be as successful as this one!


All the hard-to-reach places
Chris and Daniel get into all the fiddly bits

The Wombats nappy change and locker room is the first to be finished

Guess the dad competition
Guess which dads??

IMG_1769 IMG_1771
The unstoppable Jesus and his roller!

Pete takes one last look at that blue wall

IMG_1775 IMG_1778 IMG_1780 IMG_1781 IMG_1784

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