A quick note about Christmas Gifts

Dear families,

Just a quick note about Christmas Gifts…

We are so lucky to have such a great team at Styles Street and it’s at this time of the year when we think about buying gifts to express our appreciation.

We have adopted a new policy around gift giving to help everyone be clear about the best way to say thanks.

We set up an online donation option [now closed] to contribute to a group Christmas gift for staff.

Please don’t bring individual gifts – that way we make sure the whole team get a thank you, staff don’t have to feel awkward saying no thanks – and no one feels obliged to buy hand cream and scented candles for every member of staff! 😀

The staff have said how much they love receiving handmade cards from families so that would be a great way to express your thanks this festive season.

Thanks for your support with this.

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