How will you be part of the community?


Styles Street Children’s Community provides purposefully designed early learning environments where, in partnership with families, each child can reach their full potential.

We’re not your average child care centre — our business model (and low fees) are entirely dependent on people like you getting involved and volunteering your energy and expertise to manage and maintain the high quality of care and education we all expect for the children who belong to this community.

So how does this community work?

Community Children’s Centres care about your child’s needs, not making a profit.

The Director and Educators are responsible for running things on a day-to-day basis, but it’s the parent-run committee that ensures that the centre maintains the increasing standards you rightly expect for our children’s early childhood care and education.

We all live in the inner west.
We get that you’re time-poor

The Committee meets once a month and then sub-committees work together to get things done as need be. You don’t have to come to all the meetings and we encourage everyone to share the load.

You likely already have the skills and energy your community needs…

Read on to see where it’s easiest for you to become an active member of the Styles Street Children’s Community.


President, Vice President

You’re a leader. You believe that a shared vision is key to progress. People look to you for direction and you love helping teams find the best way forward. You know that this is how you make a difference. It’s time to step into spotlight. Born for it


You read best in columns and rows. You sweat the details to help yourself and others make important decisions — and take pride in doing so. Styles Street can’t run without you. Welcome aboard. Sounds like me


You know where things are filed. You love a numbered list and you like to know things are done. You like being the one people come to to find out what’s going on. You’ll help us stay organised, keep us on track and be the hub of another successful Committee. Thanks for being there for us. Sign me up


You have a head for numbers. You’re the one who grabs the receipt at the end of dinner to tell everyone how much they owe. You’ll play a key role supporting (or being) the Treasurer. Welcome to the finance team. Count me in


You have an eye for detail. You love a good information resource and working with others to make sure we’re all doing what’s required. You’ll work with external consultants to keep us up to speed. It’s great to have you on the team. Yep, that’s me


You love ticking boxes. Your job applications are always crossed checked with the criteria for success and you’re great at meeting a deadline. Styles Street applies for several large grants a year to improve our environment and invest in staff development. This is your time to shine. I’m in



You’ve worked in or with recruitment or HR services or have some experience of the rules of employment. You’ve listened to a podcast or two on motivation and you know what to look for in a team. You’ll work closely with the Director and Educators to optimise the existing team and attract new talent into the Styles Street Community. Thanks for looking after our most valuable asset. That’s me

Social & fundraising

You’re a get-things-done kind of person. You love a party and you know how to run one. You’ll be part of one of the larger teams at Styles Street to bring the Community together to socialise and raise funds to keep us on the up and up. Let’s get this party started! Sign me up

Building & maintenance

Your home renovations go well because you plan them that way. You know the questions to ask the tradies and you know who to call to get a good job done. Styles Street has a big vision to upgrade its outdoor spaces and you and your team will make it happen. When can you start? Let’s do it

Website & communications

You know the pen is mightier than the sword. You post via social media to your friends’ amusement. You noted the correct use of the apostrophe in the previous sentence. You’ll play a critical role in the internal and external promotion of the Community through the website and email. You’re the voice, try and understand it. Make your noise and make it clear. Count me in

Use one of the links above or the form below to let us know how you’ll play your part in the Styles Street Community.

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