Centre Routine

Below is an overview of our daily routine. We have made some changes this year to enable the children more time to eat at each of their meals and to offer more flexibility. We have purchased new outdoor tables and benches for the dining area. This creates a great environment for the children and educators to share meals and discussions with one another. There are serving stations set up at each meal time t provide opportunities for the children to serve themselves &/or their peers. This a great way to promote autonomy and independence.

Family grouping (more than 1 group sharing the same space) allows for the children to socialise with a variety of age groups and with their siblings. Building strong relationships between the children allows for them to become more confident and comfortable within their environment.

Dining1 Dining2 Dining3Siblings









7.30-8.30: Family Grouping Outdoor and Kooka’s Room

8.30-10.00: Wombat’s & Kooka’s Back playground

8.30-10.00: Kanga’s side playground

9.15-10.00: Serving of progressive morning tea

10.00-11.30: Rooms to separate and indoor activity time

12.00: Lunch (Wombat’s/Kooka’s) side playground

12.00-1.15: Kanga’s lunch and outdoor play back Playground

12.30-2.30: Rest Time

3.00-4.30: Afternoon Tea – Wombat’s & Kooka’s side playground

– Kanga’s back playground

4.30-5.30- Family grouping

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