Focus Teachers

In previous years educators were allocated a group of focus children and they were responsible for observing these children and developing their portfolio. We have reflected on this practice and have decided to change the way in which children are programmed for. This year every educator is responsible for observing all the children in their room. Educators must record a minimum of 2 observations per day. The Room Leader (Rhonda-Wombat’s, Emily-Kooka’s and Toby-Kanga’s) is responsible for ensuring that every child has been observed across the month. This enables a variety of perspectives to be considered when looking at your child’s interests and developmental needs. Once the observations are entered into your child’s portfolio it is the Room Leader’s role to complete the analysis of learning. We encourage open communication and take pride in developing strong partnerships with families so if there is anything that you or your child would like to share with us please feel free to speak to the educators or room leaders in your child’s room. if you would like to discuss this further please see Debbie.

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