Gifts For Good


We are so happy to announce that through Juanita Ford (Hartley’s mum-Kangas) we are supporting the Benevolent Society in their Gift’s for Good appeal.

We would love for you to get on board and donate gift/s for children going through hardships in their lives.

In the foyer you will see our Gifts For Good Christmas tree with baubles on it, which our children so carefully painted.

Each bauble has an age and gender of a specific child and suggestions for gifts that they would love to receive this Christmas.


  • Select a bauble-tag from the tree and write your name on it
  • Take a bag with you
  • Buy a gift suitable for the age and gender. As a guide spend $25 on your gift
  • Fill in the gift details on your gift bag (do not seal the bag)
  • Deliver all the gifts back to Styles Street by 8 December 2016
  • Please DO NOT wrap your gift before placing in the gift bag.

Please give the bag to an educator and we will carefully store them to be collected by Juanita.
Tracey is the key contact at the centre for any questions.

Your kindness & generosity is very much appreciated.
Let’s do something great together!

Thank you kindly,

Tracey & Juanita

For further information about Benevolent Society and the Gifts For Good program see–for–good


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