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What’s been happening in the Kangaroo’s Room

The last three months have whizzed past and it’s hard to believe daylight saving has finished.

The Kangaroo children are happy and settled. They continue to immerse themselves in play based experiences with several interests thrown in the mix.

The interest in robots, machines and cars are still very popular with the children. This interest has been explored through many different mediums which include dramatic play, construction, plasticine, drawing, painting, dance, various books and the use of technology.

The routine the Kangaroo’s room continues to flow well. I would like to share the ins and outs of a typical day in the” Kangas” room

In the morning from 7:30 to 9:15 am all classes enjoy the side playground space together as they arrive for the day. At 9.15am the Wombats and Kookaburra classes move to the back playground and we open the Kangaroos room, and it then becomes indoor and outdoor time for the Kangaroo class. Progressive morning tea starts at 9:15 am, instead of all children eating at a set time; they are able to snack at any stage during the allotted time period.

By 10:00 am all Kangaroo children are taken indoors to the classroom to engage in further classroom learning experiences. We have many specific learning spaces set up within the classroom and the children are free to move to these areas and engage / play as they wish.

Some examples of these areas are: Block Space with cars – where the children drive cars and create buildings of all description, a Café Area where children can pretend to make dinner or run a coffee shop (dramatic play), a Cognitive Space (Lego and puzzles) and a Literacy Table where there are ample opportunities to draw, write and create. Also popular with the children is the painting easel and the beading in the manipulative area.

Book space doubles up as a quiet area for reading, relaxing and both small and large group times.   Each day (usually prompted by requests from the children) we will read a story as a class or play some music. The ever popular, “I like to move it” cd is a regular and this brings everyone together for some much needed dance, movement and just plain fun!

By 11:45 am we are packed up and ready to transition to the back playground. At 12:30 pm we all sit together to enjoy an alfresco lunch under the awning. Depending on the weather and the children’s engagement in play, we usually stay at the back playground until 1pm, although over the past few weeks it has been later, around 3:00 pm. Again this depends on the children’s engagement in the environment.

Sleep time has been replaced by either rest or yoga (bedding linen is no longer required to be brought to the classroom) at 1 pm children are given a choice to participate in yoga in the side playground or go indoors to rest on a mat with a book of their choice, while a story CD is playing in the background. Both yoga and quiet time lasts about 15 minutes.  Children then continue to engage in classroom experiences until about 3:00 pm.  In the event you wish child to have a sleep, we can try and encourage them to rest/sleep in a quiet area of the room and the centre will provide our own linen.

At 3.00pm we then make our way up the back again, weather permitting, where the children enjoy a progressive afternoon tea and stay here until 4:30 pm. Then the last hour of the day is spent back in the side playground with an open classroom for indoor/outdoor play. This is where parents will often see their children as they come to pick them up. But rest assured that the class has had a busy day using all the areas of the centre.

In the locker room next to the parent folder is a communication book for families to write important information or alternatively speak to one of the Kangaroo Educators. Please note that we have placed the Kangaroo’s program in the locker area for your perusal and we are always happy to answer any queries that you may have.

Finally, we would ask you to email or send in a family photo with your child, so that we can start creating our ‘family tree’ in the room. This an extension activity which will continue over several weeks

If you have any questions please feel free to talk to us. If you think it may take more than a few minutes we can arrange an interview with you.  That way we can give you our full attention and the children are well looked after.

In this newsletter I have attached 2 links – a short article that talks about Play-Based approaches to literacy and numeracy which highlights some of the extended benefits that are associated with the inclusion of blocks in play.   The second link is all about Interest Based Learning – happy reading!

Neda, Christina, Julia, Linda L





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