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May has continued to be a busy month for the Kookaburra children; we have continued to explore a number of concepts which the children have been interested in since the beginning of the year, begun to engage in new interests, said goodbye to a few friends and welcomed some new faces into the class!

One of the topics, which the children at the beginning of the week have been exploring recently is ‘The Post Office.’ The children’s interest in this play arose when a number of children begun writing letters and making gifts for one another at preschool and at home. To extend this interest, the educators provided the children with stamps and envelopes in the writing area and watched as the children enthusiastically engaged in this ‘post’ play. The interest continued to thrive when Susan organised for the children to take an excursion to the post office and we sent a letter back to preschool. Last week, the children sent letters home, so keep your eyes open for some mail soon!

This play has been particularly beneficial for the children as they engage in developing their communication skills (EYLF, Outcome 5.) Not only have the children been thinking about the postal system and this aspect of our community, but it has encouraged them to develop their fine motor skills, engage in early literacy thinking and writing (EYLF, Outcome 2 & 5.)

At the end of the week, two main topics have begun to arise through the children’s play. Some of the children have been eager to begin learning about spiders! This play is allowing the children to explore this creature in a number of different matters, including through reading, construction and art. It is also allowing the children the opportunity to develop their understanding and respect for nature (EYLF, Outcome 2, 4 & 5.)

The second interest which has sparked the children’s imaginations recently is the exploration of light. The children refer to this play as ‘sparkles’ or ‘magic’ and this is the perfect way to describe what they have been doing… The play begun one afternoon after rest time when sunlight from the open blind hit the sequins on Nessa’s t-shirt. Since then, every afternoon, the children have been experimenting with recreating this moment. This play is leading the children through a process of investigative thinking about their environments and we are excited to see where it leads them…

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