Library Visits

LibraryLibrary visits for 2016 will commence next month. The Kangaroo and Kookaburra children will visit the library each alternate fortnight. For the first half of this year up until June the Tuesday group children will attend and from July until the end of the year the Thursday group will attend. These excursions allow the children the opportunity to connected with services that are available within our community. We require adult assistance by either parents, grand parents or carers of the children to enable these excursions to go ahead. A permission form will be placed in the foyer next to the sign in sheet a week before the visit. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask Debbie or an educator.

The Kanga’s group will attend on the first Tuesday of each month; Tuesday 1st March, Tuesday 5th April, Tuesday 3rd May and Tuesday 7th June.

The Kooka’s group will attend on the third Tuesday of each month; Tuesday 15th March, Tuesday 19th April, Tuesday 17th May and Tuesday 21st June.



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