Linda Lennon

Dear Families,

After over twenty years of dedication, Linda Lennon has decided to retire from her role at Styles Street to spend more time with her family.


Linda has always been a passionate and generous member of our community and has supported literally hundreds of children and families through their early childhood education and preschool years.

We are so grateful to Linda for everything she has done for our community and look forward to giving her a great send off.

Linda’s last day at the centre will be Tuesday 29 November.

Farewell gift option

Styles Street will miss Linda greatly and we hope you’ll join us in thanking her for her years of dedication to the children, colleagues and families at Styles Street and wishing her the very best in the future.

Of course cards, pictures or letters from children and families are most welcome.

Please feel free to chat to Laura who will be happy to answer any questions when you next visit the centre.

Best wishes,

Martin Ford
President, Management Committee

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