Meet the Committee: Gavin Barnes


Can you tell us a bit about yourself ?

I am a father to 3 young children, one of which currently attends the centre (Anastasia, a Wombat), one previously attended the centre (Grace) and Oscar who is 6 months. My wife (Katrina) and I have lived in Leichhardt for 8 years or so however have lived in Roselle and Annandale previously. Other than our family interests of camping, gardening and major home renovation (now complete thank god), I also have interests in on and off road motorcycling.

What’s your role on the committee ?                                                                         

Vice President

What does that involve ?                                                         

Supporting the President, Director, Staff and Committee in the overall running of the centre, including setting and delivering short and medium term strategic and operational goals.

Why did you nominate for the role?                                         

Having only been involved with the centre for the past 18 months I hoped I might be able to add some value to what is already a fantastic resource for our kids.

What is the biggest opportunity for the centre to improve?    

I think this will involve effectively harnessing the significant energy and professionalism of our new Director and our wonderful staff to keep Styles Street’s reputation up there as one of the best in the inner west. A really important part of this is to ensure we are on par with or exceed the standards of our peer centres and the expectations of our parents, whilst preserving our community heritage and, most importantly, maintaining our ability to give the kids the best experience possible whilst they attend the centre.

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