New Director for Styles Street

We’re very excited to announce that, after an extensive search, we have found a fantastic new Director for Styles Street!

Introducing Laura Hughes

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Following a screening process to ensure the necessary qualifications and experience, a panel from the Executive and staffing committee and a specialist early childhood and recruitment consultant from Community Child Care Cooperative twice conducted interviews with Laura. The panel agreed unanimously that we had found a perfect fit for the role at Styles Street and when we offered the position, Laura was excited to accept.

Laura comes to Styles Street as the former Director and Educational Leader at a local centre in Glebe. She brings extensive experience of leading a centre through changes in the physical environment and has led a team of 28 staff through improvements to the education program and practices.

Laura expressed that her first goal would be to develop sound relationships with the families and staff and is looking forward to meeting you all.

We welcome Laura to the Styles Street Community — I’m sure you’re all looking forward to meeting her too.

If you’d like to welcome Laura, simply add a comment at the bottom of this page or email the committee and I’ll pass it on.

Laura will meet the staff and committee at the next meeting on 9th June and will come in one morning during week of 13th to meet families. Stay tuned…

Laura’s start date is 27th June.

Best wishes,

Martin Ford
President, Management Committee

3 Comments on “New Director for Styles Street

  1. Great news and welcome Laura!!!

    We’re all very much looking forward to meeting you.

  2. Welcome to Style Street Laura!! Our family looks forward to meeting you.

  3. Very excited to meet you as the new Director Laura! I’m fairly new to Styles Street to and am loving it so far. Am sure you will too. It seems to be a great environment and community to be a part of!

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