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In the Kangaroo’s room we have been using the month of January to get to know the children and each other. The focus of building relationships and allowing children the opportunity to settle into a routine. We recognise the importance of children being connected to each other and the educators to allow them to feel safe and secure in the learning environment. We were very pleased to see each day how quickly children are able to become engaged in learning experiences. It is now our goal to build on their play to help them to continue to develop skills for life and a love of learning that will support them through life.

We are also starting to evaluate some of the routine times of the day and how the day flows, to ensure it is a smooth day for all involved. As we get to know the children it helps us to make these decisions and also understand what parts of our routine work well and what parts we may need to adjust.

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  1. A BIG thanks to all of the staff in the Kanga room. Emily Chloe and Lilly have settled easily into the new routine and are coming home excited to tell us all about their day.

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