News from the Kooka’s Room




The children in the Kooka’s room have been showing an interest in fire fighters throughout the month of January and this is continuing into February. We have invited the Fire Fighters to our Centre, they will be visiting on Friday 4th and Monday 14th March. Ben (Georgia’s dad) is a fire fighter at Newtown Fire station and has arranged these visits. This is a great example of how our parents contribute to the children’s curriculum and learning. We may also be able to follow this up with a visit to Leichhardt Fire station, how exciting!

The children in the Monday to Wednesday group have shown an interest in all things birds. If you find feathers or birds nests could you please bring them into the Centre so that your child can share this with the group. the educators will continue to explore this interest with the children.

Just a reminder to parents to label all their child’s belongings, including shoes, hats, bottles etc.

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