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By the end of January, the Kookaburra’s had settled into the New Year and had begun to explore a number of different interests with their educators and peers. As February has progressed, the Kookaburra’s have continued to explore these concepts and we are watching as their knowledge and understanding deepens as they play.

Fire-fighting has been a core interest of the entire Kookaburra’s class over the month. The children have explored this concept in many ways. The Kookaburra’s have continued their imaginative dramatic play with one another, our home corner slowly evolving into the Styles Street Fire Station over the month. It has been interesting to watch as this play deepens and the children begin to introduce other emergency services to their play scenarios as well. Through their art the children explored fire by visually communicating their ideas and creating a red-hot, crackling communal artwork which they now use as a prop for their dramatic play. This interest has also been explored through non-fiction book reading and puzzle play. The children are very excited for the fire-fighter visits which are fast approaching!

At the beginning of the week, the children have also been exploring birds. Again, they have done this through dramatic play, book-readings, observations of feathers and nests, visual arts (there are a lot of birds flying around the walls of our classroom at the moment!) and through puzzles. This interest however, has also been explored outside in the playground as the children notice, spot, listen to and observe the birds in the trees around the preschool.

This month, the educators in the Kookaburra’s room have also focused on helping the children to begin to take more responsibility of themselves, their materials, the classroom and one another. They have done this by packing away after themselves, practicing putting their own shoes own, serving themselves lunch, speaking about their emotions, talking about and practicing hygiene practices… the list goes on! We plan to continue this and hope to continue seeing the children develop their senss of identity and wellbeing within our class environment.

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