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Kookas2The year is well and truly underway now, and I have been very pleased to be settling into it with the Kookaburra’s class and teachers. It has been a pleasure beginning to build relationships with the Kookaburra’s children and getting to know everyone who is a part of the Styles Street family! Thank you!

The children have settled back into preschool quickly and easily. They have been enjoying making new friends, as we welcome new children to our Centre, and have been excited to be reunited with old friends as well! They are getting used to new routines, a new teacher, a new classroom and have shown us all that they can manage these changes with enthusiasm and confidence.

The children’s play, both inside and out, has been exciting for the Kookaburra’s teachers to watch and be a part of! The children have especially enjoyed a lot of playdough play, book reading, music making, collaging and water play since being back. Over January, we have also seen many exciting interests being explored by the children during their play. Some of these interests include, cars and ramps, emergency services in our community as well as Australian animals. We are excited to build upon these interests with the children to further their learning and watch as their ideas develop.

It is going to be an exciting year and I am very keen to see where the children lead us as the year progresses!

Emily & The Kooka’s Team

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