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What’s going on in the Wombats Room during April?

Over the past few months the educators in the wombat’s room have been working on establishing relationships with the children, giving them a sense of belonging and allowing them to feel safe and secure in their new environment. When the children feel safe, secure and supported they grow in confidence to explore and learn. (EYLF OUTCOME 1).

Over the past couple of months as the children build trusting relationships with the educators they have now began to build relationships with their peers. With the interest of Doctors, fire fighters and home corner in the dramatic area these experiences allow the wombats to engage in social play and explore aspects of identity through role play.

An interest in “trains” has come about through some children bringing in their own trains from home and enjoying listening to our “Thomas the tank engine” story book. The train tracks and trains have allowed the children to engage in problem solving as well as engaging their social skills of sharing and turn-taking.

Painting at the easel is always popular and the wombats have been watching as their educators write their names on the paper. A number of children have shown interest in writing their names. To extend this interest we will be adding the children’s name cards to the literacy table. This will give them the opportunity to start to recognise their name. We will also use these with the children to foster their name writing skills.

If there are any interests at home that you would like us to explore further with the Wombats please don’t hesitate to write it in our program which is displayed in our locker room. Also please continue sending in your family photos and baby pictures for our belonging tree. Thankyou!

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