Going Berkelouw for Book Week 2017

This year we are celebrating Book Week at styles street with a variety of fun and engaging opportunities for children and families.

As a community we have our very own book store from Berkelouw Books Leichhardt for families to purchase books from and for the centre to raise money to spend on books! We are also raising funds for our very own street library!

In the classrooms we have asked the children to bring in their favourite stories, which we have been reading together all week. These stories have sparked many conversations about imaginary places and characters and even inspired new art from the children!

We asked each class to vote on their favourite book and the Wumbat children told us the enjoy ‘The Three little Pigs’, the Gugan children love ‘Fox in Socks’ by Dr Seuss and the Burru Children cherish devouring ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers. Emily, one of our Burru educators, created a beautiful illustration to represent these books, which we will have in our centre library after book week to remind us of children’s love for literature.

At Styles street we LOVE books not only for the literacy learning within them but their capacity to allow us to dream, imagine and  learn about the world. Books have the power to change our lives and the world!

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