Guardians of the Garden

On Friday 17th November 20 Deloitte volunteers and Michelle from Seed Harvest Spoon finished off more of our back playground project. We have almost all our plants in now and the back playground is looking amazing! We want to say a big thank you to them for all their help and another thank you to the Inner West Council who made this all possible with awarding us a Stronger Communities Grant in 2016.

To help the children understand their responsibility to look after our new playground and help the plants grown, we have explained we are all “Guardians of the Garden”. We discussed with each group of children what this means and they have been looking after our plants extremely well – watering them every day, resisting the temptation to pick flowers and also ensuring they only walk on the paths! Our intention is this will continue to grow their love and respect for nature, as we must first fall in love with nature to want to then care and protect it. We look forward to fostering this in the children that attend Styles Street.

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