Playground Upgrade – big, green and beautiful.

On Saturday 11th November 22 parents from our Styles Street Community came together to start the upgrade and greening of our new playground. With the help of a Stronger Communities Grant from Leichhardt Council we have been able to plan and now create many more natural elements into our beautiful and big back playground. Saturday 11th was the first stage of the upgrade where we prepared the soil for planting the trees. This was by no means an easy task as we moved 20 combined cubic meters of soil and mulch up to the playground for the new garden areas, created a new digging patch and moved 4 huge sand stone boulders to start the creating of our new meeting place for the children to use. We are very proud of our efforts and are looking forward with excitement to our final volunteers day on Friday 17th November with 20 Deloitte volunteers!

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