Day to Day

Opening Hours:
7:30am – 6:00pm, Monday to Friday

Open 50 weeks of the year
Closed public holidays and during the Christmas / New Year period

To enjoy the full benefit of the educational program, we prefer that children arrive by 9:30am and stay until 3:30pm.

The children are given a well balanced, nutritional lunch prepared by our in-house cook. This is supplemented by morning and afternoon tea.

A midday sleep or rest is offered to all children, however not enforced. Other options are available for children who don’t sleep or rest.

The children are located in their own rooms for indoor activities, morning/afternoon tea, lunchtime, rest time and group times. In the early morning and late afternoon and on special occasions all the children are grouped together.

The educators implement a program based on the individual child’s needs and interests. Educators observe and record the child’s progress and develop a program that is child initiated. The children’s interests and needs become the guidelines for all projects, work and curriculum that is implemented in the room. Educators develop an online portfolio on Story Park for each individual child which contains information about their learning and development. Educator/parent interviews and information nights are held throughout the year to discuss each child’s progress in detail.

The weekly program, for each class, is displayed in each classroom. If parents have any questions about their child’s individual development they may make an appointment to speak with the Director or educating staff.

Regular excursions are scheduled throughout the year for each class as part of the educational program. Parents are asked to assist staff in supervising the children to allow for these experiences.