At Styles Street Children’s Community Long Day Care Centre we will strive to provide a welcoming, warm and caring environment for all the children and their families. Styles Street is an extension of the home environment and we recognise and support the importance of the family unit.  We are committed to the care and early childhood education of each and every child.

Our Beliefs are:

For Families 

  • We feel it is important to build strong partnerships with families to ensure the ongoing care and education of their children.
  • To encourage family/community involvement in the curriculum according to the children’s interest with the goal of creating an atmosphere of belonging and acceptance for the child within our society.

For Children

  • To implement the guidelines of the *Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) as set by the Council of Australian Governments in our everyday teaching practices
  • To embrace diversity and to accept and acknowledge all children and families of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  • To provide experiences for all children to allow them the opportunity to be accepting of differences and individual abilities.
  • To promote the wellbeing of children through support and the encouragement of the following:  physical fitness, good nutrition, personal hygiene, emotional and social relationships which contribute to self-confidence.
  • To provide a child guided program that is based on the child’s choices, interests and ideas that develop through their play
  • To create play based experiences that develop communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) and social and emotional development

For Educators

  • We believe it is important for all educators to work as a team toward a common goal.
  • We recognise and value the individual skills each educator does possess and we encourage them to share their knowledge with their colleagues.
  • To keep informed of current early childhood practice, theories and research in child development. The Centre supports regular opportunities for professional development and training.
  • To reflect on their daily practices, so that as educators we can continually provide the stimulating and developmentally appropriate learning experiences.
  • To provide a safe, secure and trusting environment
  • To provide intentional teaching opportunities which involves educators being deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful in their decisions and actions when developing the curriculum,
  • To allow all children the right to be a child as outlined by *Early Childhood Australia.
  • To promote and develop sustainability practices amongst all stakeholders within our community.

* Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia 2009. Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
* Early Childhood Australia-A voice for young children

Date Reviewed: September 2012
Date Adopted: November 2012