Meet the committee: Louise Carey

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I’m a nerdy scientist working in a Genetics lab. My daughter Camille is a Kookaburra. What’s your role on the committee? I’m in the policy sub-committee What does that involve? Writing… Read More

The Playground is finished!

Our back playground is complete and the children have really enjoyed exploring this new outdoor space. They have enjoyed climbing up the fort and sliding down the slide. The stage has been a big hit, the children have… Read More

Centre Parking

We have an Open Door policy at Styles Street and encourage families to spend time at our Centre. But we must ensure that we do this safely. This is a friendly reminder to parents that parking in the front… Read More

Room Goals

Room goals are now on display in the children’s locker rooms.

Day Book Trial

We are trialing the use of computers as a way to present our day books. To access old entries, press ESC and select the date of entry you wish to view.

No Nuts Policy

A friendly reminder that Styles Street has a child with a nut allergy in attendance. We kindly ask for children to wash their hands before coming into the centre, particularly if they have been eating food with any… Read More