Support Styles Street

Support Styles Street


Styles Street is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit centre and relies on the support of the families in its community.

Here’s your one-stop-shop of how to get involved!

Be active in the Styles Street community

Come and hold some hands on the way to the library, ask how you can help at fundraisers or simply come along to our upcoming events. Show full calendar.


Get involved in setting up or lending a hand at one of our fundraising events or come along for as little or as long as you can to our regular working bees.

Join the committee

The committee of management meets once a month to manage and improve the centre. Members are not required to take on more than they are able — and more heads and hands are always welcome. You can join at any time of the year and, if you’re keen, put your hand up for a convener or executive role at the AGMs, typically held in February each year.

Donate time, knowledge, services, expertise

Think not what your centre can do for you… think what you can do for your centre!

Donate $

Whether you’d like to donate in lieu of attending an event, or just want a warm feeling inside, donating to Styles Street online is easy.

Thank you from the staff, committee and kids of Styles Street for your support!