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The latest Interests and play based experiences evolving in Kangaroo’s Room  

The interest in robots (and machines) is slowly coming to an end but not without finishing with a robot extravaganza!  The Thursday/Friday group of children were recently encouraged to design ‘a robot’ with their brilliant ideas being captured on A3 paper.  This included a square head, a rectangular body with rectangles for legs, five long arms, an antenna and lots of buttons down the torso of the body.   Once the design was sorted out we started the process of building the robot using different sized timber pieces and mixed recycled materials.

The children have been particularly having fun using nails and a hammer to help connect the different body parts. This task itself requires patience, focus and steady hand eye co-ordination.  You may have seen snippets of the robot’s progress in the daily diary.  Stay tuned………

The children have loved the different types of machines that were used in our café area. In their class they were able to experience: a milkshake maker, a popcorn machine, and an orange juice and smoothie machine.  Thank you to all who have contributed to this wonderful learning experience the children just loved this!

As Educators we are always listening, observing and documenting.  What we have observed over the past few weeks is that the children have shown a strong interest in animals.

These have included:  comments about animals in zoos, the jungle and domestic animals.

There have been lots of discussions on who owns a pet, what zoo or farm they have recently visited, to children bringing in photos and books of their favourite animals.

Imaginative play has also been observed with the children using the various animals as representational play such as “goodies vs baddies” It is also an opportunity for vocabulary, communication and language skills to be extended.  Not to forget the importance of social interactions with their peers.

We plan to extend this new interest to explore and investigate the different animals through a variety of learning experiences (indoor and outdoor) games, group work, technology (iPad) and other mediums.  Along the way we’ll be engaging the children in many learning opportunities with language, literacy and numeracy embedded.

We will explore:

Habitat – Where do animals live? (jungle, farm, desert). What do they need to survive? (shelter, food, water etc).  With many new words added to children’s vocabulary.

Variety – Type of animals, size and colour, with clear links to numeracy, and recognition skills development.

In addition to “animals”, an interest in rocks has also sparked enthusiasm amongst several children.   The children have either been collecting rocks from the Centre’s back playground, to digging up dinosaur fossils (rocks) near the mud kitchen to, “Can we make a rock face?”

This interest in rocks will take us on another journey and we look forward to seeing where this will lead.

We hope that this small insight to the last few weeks is valuable and we will continue to provide updates as our experiences evolve with the children’s interests. If there is something your child is passionate about or has an interest in we would love to hear from you.



Neda, Christina, Julia and Linda L.

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