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Welcome to the following children and their families to the Wombat Room and the Centre:  Amelia T, Penny and Iris. We hope that you enjoy your time at the Centre.

The Wombat’s bathroom renovation is nearly complete.  There have been a few changes with storage, in particular children’s nappies.  Please place your child’s nappies for the day in the designated basket in the drawers.  They can be accessed with a magnetic key, located on the nappy change bench. Please place the magnet against the sticker on the door to release the latch.  Also just a reminder if your child wear nappies; please provide at least 4 nappies per day for the days that your child attends the centre.

You may have noticed our “Who is here today? Chart” in the Wombat’s locker room.  Please encourage your child to find their name tag in the basket, located on the top of the lockers, and place their name tag on the chart.  In doing so, we are recording who has arrived, both children and educators.  This facilitates a sense of belonging; as well as sense of security knowing that their friends or familiar educators have arrived. EYLF Outcome 1.1.

 By using both written and pictorial representations of a person, children are exposed to and begin to make connections between both oral, written and visual representations of language. EYLF Outcome 5.4.

Recently, the children have been captivated by told stories using puppets and props and have participated in dramatization of traditional stories such as: The Enormous Turnip, Caps for Sale and The Washing up Story.  We encourage the children to bring their favourite stories, particular picture books to share with the Wombat children.  Perhaps we might explore ways to dramatize these stories with props in our program.

Please share with the educators personally or via the Parent diary (Wombat’s Locker room); your child’s interest, important events, or special places of interest; so that we can incorporate these into the Wombat’s program. This is an important part of the Wombat’s program as it assists the educators to facilitate relevant and meaningful learning outcomes for all children.


The Wombat Educators

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful varied and interesting programs you are running with the children. I know my child is certainly benefiting from your hard work!

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